Kassahun Adelo




Date, 03 October  2018

I am KassahunAdelo, graduated of MSC in Project in Planning and Management from MizanTepi University in September 2017, MBA in non-profit corporate profit management from international institute of Church Management, Florida, USA, with an extension center in Addis Abeba, on 2012, B.A degree and diploma in business management from Jimma University in 2008 and 2004 respectively.


Following my Graduation, I had worked in Ethiopian electric power corporation Jimma District as District Manager and in various positions, for 5 years and 6 months. After that I had worked as Dean for private Health Collage for 9 months and then I joined local NGO called Ethiopian evangelical church MekaneYessus development and social services commission (ECMY DASSC) in Bench Maji Zone, as a project manager, for a project working on conserving of natural forest and improving livelihood of local community by participatory forest management approach for 5 years and 6 months. Based on my performance I was promoted to coordination of the Branch office to coordinate more than 7 projects in South west Ethiopia as a Branch Director since January1, 2016.


I have acquired rich experience in developing community driven project proposals, coordinating implementation, monitoring and evaluating various development projects including, Participatory forest management food security, land management, health water and Sanitation projects as integrated approach. I have a good communication skill both in English and Amharic. Being a project manager I have developed skills of working independently and with team, I have the ability to work under pressure and with the most vulnerable community.


Currently, I am working as a Team Leader for the project entitled as community conservation of wild coffee and natural forest management which is under implementation by partnership of University of Huddersfield and Ethio-Wetlands and Natural resources Association. I am getting a   monthly Salary of 27,951.00Etb and other benefits.


The main reason for applying in the training is as I am working in the coffee project, I believe I will acquire more experience from training. And it will help me to upgrade my Knowledge.


I remain


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