Physical security includes walls, gates, locks, security personnel, CCTV, alarms and many other elements. These are often taken for granted without a true understanding of their importance or correct installation, management and maintenance.

Conducting a thorough physical security assessment, sometimes known as a security audit, physical security audit or physical vulnerability assessment, can help organisations understand their current physical security status and the best way forward for improvement.

This course looks at common elements that should be assessed, different methodologies that are commonly used, and how you can create a robust physical security checklist and assessment process that can be used in a huge range of industries.

Course Curriculum

What is physical security 00:00:00
Common elements used in this course 00:00:00
Defining your context 00:00:00
Defining your criteria and scoring 00:00:00
Physical Security Elements
The Environment 00:00:00
Perimeter 00:00:00
Buildings 00:00:00
Access Control 00:00:00
Alarm & Detection Systems 00:00:00
CCTV 00:00:00
Security Personnel & SOPs 00:00:00
Emergency Procedures 00:00:00
Emergency Services 00:00:00
Developing a Process
Creating a Checklist or Template 00:00:00
Creating an Assessment Plan 00:00:00
Pre-Assessment Preperation 00:00:00
Conducting the Assessment 00:00:00
Post-Assessment Reporting 00:00:00
Conclusion 00:00:00
Templates, Downloads & Links 00:00:00

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