This free course, Modern slavery, is designed to develop an understanding of the international system of human rights protection in relation to modern slavery, but also encourage an appreciation of the influence of International Human Rights Law on the development of the domestic system of human rights protection.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the historical origins of slavery as well as examples of slavery
  • understand the international legal framework prohibiting slavery
  • understand the concept of modern slavery and its various forms
  • analyse the applicable law and apply it to a given example/case study
  • critically analyse and evaluate proposals for new legislation addressing modern slavery

Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE 00:05:00
What is modern slavery?
What is modern slavery? 00:10:00
Slavery – a historical perspective 00:15:00
Abolition of slavery 00:45:00
Wartime slavery in the twentieth century 00:05:00
Prohibition of Slavery - an international law perspective
Prohibition of slavery – an international law perspective 00:05:00
The Slavery Convention 1926 00:10:00
International human rights instruments 00:10:00
Regional human rights instruments 00:35:00
International Labour Organisation (ILO) 00:10:00
Modern slavery - trafficking human beings
Modern slavery – trafficking human beings (THB) 00:10:00
The victims and perpetrators of THB 00:30:00
The legal framework regulating THB 00:10:00
Is THB a human rights issue? 00:10:00
Rantsev v Cyprus and Russia 00:10:00
Case in focus – child trafficking in Scotland 01:30:00
Modern slavery and forced labour
Modern slavery and forced labour 00:05:00
What is forced labour 00:10:00
Bonded labour 01:00:00
Business and forced labour 00:35:00
Magdalene laundries 00:30:00
Looking to the future - ending modern slavery?
Looking t the future – ending modern slavery? 00:30:00
Conclusion 00:10:00

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  1. Completion of Modern Day Slavery Course


    The training is very informative and educative. I learned a lot about THB from the course



    Very good, I like the lesson. Let me come back

  3. Modern Slavery


    I really appreciate the team who take part in the preparation of this course. It is fantastic in terms of presentation and inclusive in its contents. I also like the examples and the exercises in the course.

    Much appreciation !!!

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