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Becoming an Instructor

Humanitarian Training has been set up to allow users gain access to the widest range of humanitarian, aid agency and NGO related training courses as possible. To get us to that end, we need the help of organisations and individuals with expertise and skills in a wide range of disciplines.

If you have training courses you believe would be of benefit to humanitarian personnel, whether free or paid, contact us today and we can work with you to get these courses online and available.


As you know, server hosting, domain registration, administration and maintenance costs money. We want to make courses as accessible as possible so our pricing structure will always be as low as possible. We will publish this pricing structure soon for paid courses, but in the meantime contact us for our current prices and options.

Free Courses

If you have courses that you want to publish and make freely available to our users, we will charge exactly $0, £0, €0. Free is free. Additional options such as course design, verified certificates or user enrollment management may incur costs but we will work with you to make these as small as possible.

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